Glitchaos_ / 混沌故障
交互式声像装置 @ 摩登天空ZERO计划 北京 2017.12.17
[Openframeworks + Arduino]
[CRT + Magnet + Ultrasonic]

视觉| Pink Money
技术| Pink Money
声音| Lawrence Lau(HK)

Interactive Visual Installation @ MODERNSKY ZERO PROJECT, Beijing
[Openframeworks + Arduino]
[CRT + Magnet + Ultrasonic]

Visual | Pink Money
Technique| Pink Money
Sound | Lawrence Lau(HK)

Youku Version (中国大陆)

Vimeo Version (海外及VPN用户)


There is no absolute confusion or absolute order but subjective judgments based on cognition of human. Through interactive devices, Gtlichaos_ presents the voice and images that are full of faults, and affects the electronic devices through data destruction and material manipulation, giving digital and analog errors aesthetic significance, and finding order in chaos.

Glitch is a kind of rebellion towards people’s expectation with charming randomness and it’s not a meaningless error but a possibility of the expression of machines in machines’ autonomous aesthetic quality. Machines are actually defined by the functions. The natural interfaces of the functions which can be images, sounds, videos and so on are just the display of deeper logics and data. When errors such as broken files, white noise in videos and audio distortions occur in the process, glitch happens. In humans’ aesthetic, malfunction and failure are signs of improper production, but actually glitch is the potential which always kept in the machines.

A glitch is a transient fault in a system, also the aesthetic of digital or analog errors. Also glitch is a kind of reproduction and retranslation based on the understanding of the original work. Based on broken files, white noise in videos, audio distortions, or even the occasional “Blue Screen of Death” of the Windows, we can create glitch in broken things, noise, distorted images and videos or even reproduce the “Blue Screen of Death”. I get the raw data from a GPU of my mac which is running OSX, the raw data is just the deeper expression of what is shown now on screen but in GPU’s logic and then I translate the data in to imagine again in human’s logic. I consider it a glitch of translation. The glitch signifies a deviation from the intended use of the system, we should admit this kind of misstep and express our artistic conception such as the purchasing of absolute freedom with the logic of the glitch happens in the endless virtuality and the expressive, creative and functional qualities of the machine.