📠 | Poetri
装置+行为 作品 @Shenzhen 2018.03

概念| Pink Money
导演| Pink Money
音乐| Lawrence Lau

📠 | Poetri
Installation + Performance Work @Shenzhen 2018.03

Concept | Pink Money
Director| Pink Money
Sound | Lawrence Lau

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Vimeo Version (海外及VPN用户)


Human emotions are subjective, but subjective emotions often rely on the objective things.We can’t expressing the imagination of nature without the forest.We can’t express the comprehension of the wide without ocean.Therefore, subjective emotions is weak if isolated from the specific objective things.

自然语言是我们所使用中最直接的一种表达方式。poetri的做法就是说将主观情绪通过自然语言,附着于产生出这种特定主观情绪的客观事物上。这种做法是一种不计反馈也不计主观能动性的表达方式。所以从这种角度上来说 poetri更像是一种行为 而不是一种工具。

Natural language is the most direct expression that we use. What poetri does is to express the subjective
emotions through natural language, attached to objective things which produce the particular subjective mood. This approach is a form of expression that does not include feedback or subjective initiative. So from this perspective, poetri is more like a behavior than a tool.